"Footfall" tracking is limited

1 in, 1 out

Where do people go? What do they do? How long do they stay?

Cameras and door counters lack actionable information

Understand movement, predict use and discover opportunities

Our People In Places (PIP) technology operates in real-time using advanced spatio-temporal statistical analysis

See the data, get the insight

Gain the insight to lift your performance and maximise opportunities.

WiFi empowers business.
No-one understands that better than Freerunner.

Introducing PIP Analytics from Freerunner

PIP (People In Places) bridges the gap between Google Analytics and the real world, offering real time data and reporting using WiFi technology.

This information gives our venues an unprecedented level of insight into consumer behaviour and opportunities to engage customers directly.

With over 400 retail venues and 30 Shopping Centres as clients Freerunner can offer customers a level of performance benchmarking never seen before in Retail.

We already provide market leading engagement information about users to venues through the Freerunner Portal. The portal allows businesses to understand who is visiting and using their hotspot in real time,