Value Added

Ways we boost your ROI and brand value

Our WiFi is not just a communications service to your customers.  It’s an opportunity for you to build a closer relationship with them, reinforce your brand, serve up promotions and offers, gather information on customers’ behaviour, their likes and dislikes, and offer timed, in-store vouchers and coupons.  What’s more, we can integrate our WiFi with certain of your systems and operations – whether it’s to demo products to your customers, integrate with your till systems or your digital signage, or to monitor energy usage throughout your venue.  Opportunities which will improve your business’ efficiency and boost the ROI of your network in ways you can measure. 

Here are some of the ways Freerunner adds value with its network:

Track usage  Silent salesman  Surveys  Product registration   Time/location-based promotions  
Third party advertising  Digital vouchers  Real world "Groupon"  Digital signage  
Product demonstration  Energy monitoring  Airprint

Track customers’ usage 

See how often your customers return, what locations they frequent within your venue, their session times, and more.

Silent salesman  

With Freerunner you get a customised landing page for each venue.  Use it as a silent salesman for your brand values, and to draw attention to any news, promotions and special offers.


Gather customer feedback on your service.  Use this data to incentivise your store managers and sales people to keep service levels high.

Customer and product registration  

Don’t let the customer go home without building a relationship on-line. Get them to register their product and start delivering value instantly.

Timed/location-based promotions

Use the landing page to bring your customers in during slow times or into cold zones.

Third party advertising

Use the landing page for third party advertising from suppliers and customers, and monetise your network.

Digital vouchers  

Go digital with your vouchers so you can control and adapt them in store.  You can monitor and capture their use, and offer deals in non-peak hours. We can even integrate this with your till system.

Real world "Groupon"  

Turn your customers into salesmen.  Let in-store customers watch a SKU and begin group buying.

Digital signage  

Use our network to deliver and update your digital signage messages.

Product demonstration

Turn your customers into salesmen.  Let in-store customers watch a SKU and begin group buying.

Energy monitoring  

With our energy partner we will monitor energy usage throughout your venue and reduce your energy bill by 20 per cent.


Another service to offer to your customers:  with us you can add printing facilities safely to your venue.

Fact # 1

By 2013 phones will overtake computers as the most common device used to access the Internet. Unifying the instore experience with the mobile is critical.

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