Our Service

A fully managed service

Our service is fully managed and monitored.  We take care of everything from the moment you place your order – from ordering broadband lines, sending install engineers, monitoring your service for use and performance, filtering undesirable or illegal content and capturing and retaining the right data to ensure your network is legally compliant.

We monitor your venues 24 x 7 to check how the service is performing and will automatically take steps to correct a problem.   And you can count on our support line if you need to talk to us.

If the broadband line to your location fails we will automatically hide your WiFi network so your customers don’t get a bad experience.

Your brand

We understand that WiFi should be an extension of your brand, and we let you take control of the landing page and its messages. 

With Freerunner you get a fully branded landing page.  You can use it to engage with your customers, tell them about news and offers, even serve up promotions and vouchers at different times of day. 

What’s more the landing page can be tailored for different devices and locations.

Full reporting and analytics

We’ll give you all the information you need to understand who is using your service and how it‘s performing.  Our reports will detail the number of users, locations, devices, session times, session lengths and more.

We can further integrate with voucher solutions to understand the real ROI of your WiFi network.

Legally compliant

Under current legal framework, if you offer public WiFi you can be liable for what users do on your network.  When you take Freerunner’s service you can have full peace of mind in the knowledge that your service is compliant.  We provide content filtering and phishing protection to mitigate the risks of copyright infringement.  We automatically capture and retain the data you are required to hold to identify end users accessing the internet,  which you will need to provide to the law enforcement agencies if requested.