The Freerunner platform

Why is Architecture important?

Freerunner does things differently from other operators. Most WiFi networks use a centralised architecture. So all of your customers' Internet traffic gets transported back to their data centre via a VPN tunnel. From there they process the traffic and it goes off to the Internet. We have a distributed architecture; so most of the clever stuff sits in a device in your venue. Your customers' traffic goes directly to the Internet.

Why does that matter to you?

Reliability.  VPN tunnels are unreliable. If your broadband line gets congested the VPN tunnel can drop temporarily. If that happens your service goes down for up to 20 mimutes. No service = unhappy customers.

Our access solutions

At Freerunner we use different solutions tailored to the type of venue and its characteristics, ranging from single access points for the simplest venues, to more complex multi-access point solutions, to the latest open mesh networking technology for efficient and cost-effective wide area coverage in the largest venues.

Fact # 1

By 2013 phones will overtake computers as the most common device used to access the Internet. Unifying the instore experience with the mobile is critical.

Delaney Consulting 2011

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