About Us

Freerunner was formed in 2009 and has rapidly become one of the largest providers of WiFi in the UK.
The company is backed by venture capital from North Star Ventures, our software partner Hildebrand Technology and a core group of enthusiastic private investors.
The Freerunner Wi-Fi service is low-cost to you and Free-of-Charge to your customers.

Recent developments have seen Freerunner expand their networks in over 30 shopping cenres throughout the UK helping drive the launch of our PIP (People In Places) Analytics which is becoming the strategic benchmark for many of our clients.

The Freerunner PIP analytics gives retailers and shopping centre owners a new powerful tool to manage physical selling spaces and improve sales conversion. Our unique technology measures the flow of footfall, segments shoppers and creates opportunities for engagement with those segments.

Through the use of new and innovative real time key performance indicators, PIP can help you understand, target and track your advertising, direct marketing and promotional activities for short term optimization. With PIP’s advanced analysis, vacancies can be filled that will lift overall performance, rent reviews can be optimized and capital planning made efficient.